If you are pursuing adoption, particularly a domestic adoption in the United States, then you have probably been told by your adoption agency that you need an adoption profile book. But since you’ve never made one before, you probably have a lot of questions.

What exactly is an adoption profile book?

How much is this going to cost?

Do I need to hire a professional photographer or graphic designer?

How do I organize my pictures and text?

What am I supposed to include?

How can my book stand out from other adoption profile books?

Am I doing any of this right?

Will this improve my chances of getting matched and adopting a child?

The answers to these questions didn’t pop up in our Google searches, which means they probably didn’t show up in yours either. That's why we created this video course: to answer every question you could possibly have about the process of designing and printing your adoption profile book. 

Some adoption profile book companies charge more than $1,000 to design a book for you, and that may not even include any prints of the actual book. If you don't know how to make your own book, then you may feel like you have to pay for this service. But you don't have to if you can make your own book! You can put that money towards your adoption instead.

In this course, we will explore a variety of design and printing options so you can make an adoption profile book that fits your budget. We'll even show you how to produce your adoption profile book for less than $5 per book!

Adoptions are hard. Our hope for this course is that it will make this small part of your adoption journey easier.

Meet the Instructor: Jacqueline Isaacs, MBA

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Isaacs. I'm a marketing professor with over a decade of experience in communications and marketing. But I’m not just a professional, I’m also side-by-side with you in the adoption process. 

When my husband and I were ready to create our adoption profile book, we struggled to find helpful examples, tips, or services. It was a challenge, but you don’t have to struggle!

I’ve pulled from my professional experience in creating and publishing content to craft this course designed to give you a step-by-step process for making your own book. I’m excited to break down my best tips on planning, designing, and printing a great adoption profile book that you’ll be excited to share — and that will help you get matched with your future child!

What You’ll Learn

This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the production and use of adoption profile books. At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to do the following:

  1. Explain what an adoption profile book is and how it is used in the adoption process.
  2. Plan and organize the appropriate photos and written materials for an adoption profile book.
  3. Understand what content is typically included in an adoption profile book as well as how much creative freedom is allowed.
  4. Consider all the appropriate design and printing options and their associated costs.
  5. Make a plan for requesting feedback and making edits to your book.
  6. Feel confident about creating your own adoption profile book!

In addition to the seven video classes, this course includes the following:

  • A course syllabus.
  • Six worksheets to guide you through the process and accomplish important steps towards making your own adoption profile book.
  • A PFD of an actual adoption profile book to view as an example.
  • A bonus video of frequently asked questions.

Introduction to the Course

Get a taste of this course by previewing the first class. In this sample, you'll get to know me (your course instructor, a marketing professor, and a hopeful adoptive parent) and gain an overview of what to expect throughout the course.

Start learning how to make your adoption profile book!